Benefits of LED Lightbulbs

led lightbulb

Have you ever tried looking out of the plane while landing during the night and a bright orange light used to saturate and block out the entire vision?

Metropolis has changed with LED’s and that city which was stained by hazy lights now glows with a clearest grid ever!

The illumination of LED’s is incredible and that is what this post focuses on!  Here are some of the benefits of LED light bulbs which will make you replace the existing ones right away!

Efficient Enough to Embrace

LED Bulbs are quite efficient when it comes to energy consumption. They consume almost 90% less power than incandescent bulbs which means that shifting to LED bulbs can lower down your electricity bill drastically.

Although the purchase value of LED bulbs is higher than those of incandescent bulbs but the cost is recovered in the form of low bill amount.

The lower consumption of energy has also encouraged usage of LED’s in remote areas where solar panels drive the occurrence of electricity.


Do you still keep inventory of incandescent bulbs because they can fuse almost any time! You no longer need to block your funds by investing in those anymore!

The life span of LED’s is 40 times the life span of incandescent bulbs. If we count in hours, they can constantly work for 60000 hours which means they can run for 7 years continuously before they need to be replaced!

Whoa! Isn’t that amazing! When it will come to replacing it after so many years, you won’t even remember the last time you changed the bulb!

Treat to Your Eyes

Incandescent bulbs can damage your eyes and hence it is not recommended especially for kids to read in that light. They can cause an irreparable harm to the retina of the human eye.

On the other hand, LED lights are safe and effective and doesn’t cause any irritation or harm even after prolonged and continuous reading under this light.

Variety of Uses

LED’s can be used extensively and has variety of applications. They can be used at home, schools, offices, military, and cinema halls, aerospace and for street lamps too!

Both residential and professional population is embracing the usage of LED bulbs and day is not far when all the other lights would be rolled out of the industry.

Also, LED’s are made of non-toxic materials and hence they are environment friendly. This is the reason that the government also encourages application of LED’s.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned above, LED’s have an impressive lifespan and are offered in variety of colours unlike incandescent bulbs. There is absolutely low to no maintenance for the LED’s.

Once you apply it at your home, all you have to worry about is to clean it if you want and nothing else!

Safe to Use

Ouch! Don’t touch the bulb as it might be hot! LED’s are from cool generation and unlike incandescent bulbs they generate virtually no heat.

This means that even if you touch them after they were on for hours, they would be cool to touch. This reduces the risk of burns and fires as LED’s are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Build a Pegboard for Tools

organize tools

Organization should be a major emphasis of a spring cleaning checklist. You want to organize closets in your home, your basement, your pantry and your garage or workspace too.

Tools often lead to a lot of clutter. You need to create a way to organize tools in your home and one way to do that is to build a pegboard for tools.

A pegboard in the wall of your garage or workspace is a great way to neatly organize your tools and ensure you can easily access them when you need them.

Here is how to build a pegboard for tools:


You need to measure the space on the wall you want to hang the tools. Be sure the space is large enough for several tools, including tools of various lengths and depths. You should use a tape measure and mark the space on the wall using a ruler and a pencil.

#2. CUT

Purchase two pieces of plywood and cut them in strips to create the frame for the pegboard. The original size of the board should be 2-2 ¾”. You will cut down the center of the plywood for four separate strips for the frame.

Then use the table saw to cut a channel down the center of each strip of the wood. The pegboard will rest in the channels of the frame.


Now build the frame. Attach the two sides of the frame to the top of the frame. You need a nail gun for this. Then cut the pegboard with the table saw to fit the dimensions of the frame.

Now slide the pegboard into the channels of the top and side panels of the frame. Then slide the bottom frame into the pegboard and attach the bottom to the two side pieces of the frame with the nail gun.

Now hang the board on the wall and then purchase a pegboard kit for hangers for the tools.

That’s it. This is a very easy project to organize your garage. You can build a pegboard for tools in just 1-2 hours and it will last for several years.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

The spring season is a welcome sight after the long winter months. The snow melts and the sun returns from days and days of dreary weather. There is only one part of autumn that homeowners do not love and that is cleaning, or spring cleaning.

There are several projects for homeowners to complete during the spring cleaning season. The hope is to clear out the clutter collected over the winter and prepare your home and yard for the warmer summer months ahead.

There is a lot to do which is why it is important to create a spring cleaning checklist so you don’t forget any of the projects you want to complete. Your spring cleaning checklist should include the following projects:

Cleaning Your Garage

The spring is the perfect time of year to clean out your garage. You will want to put away your shovels and snow blower and bring your lawnmower out from the shed. You should also spray down the floor to clear out any mud or slush brought in from the snow during the winter. You will likely need to rinse out snow salt too.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Your gutters will be full of tree branches, dead leaves and other materials from the late fall and winter months. You want to clear your gutters so that the rain from the spring season drains through them without blockage. This is important to avoid water damage to your roof or the foundation of your home.

De-Winterizing Windows

You can remove plastic covers from your windows for better circulation and replace solid window panes and doors with screen doors for circulation and ventilation too. There is no need to seal out the weather from the warm months ahead.

Cleaning Your Chimney

You should hire a professional to clean your fireplace and chimney. This should be done each year and right after the winter is the best time since your fireplace shouldn’t be needed again for a few months.

Planting a Garden

Spruce up the outdoor of your home and plant your fruits, vegetables, bushes and flowers during spring cleaning. This will allow all of the plants to bloom and look beautiful in time for the summer months. Consider building your own garden bed too.

Donate Winter Clothes

After the winter weather is gone, clean out all of the winter clothes from your closets and replace the clothes with your spring and summer jackets and attire. If you or your children have grown out of the winter clothes it is a nice idea to donate them to a charity of your choosing.

Clean Your Carpet

Don’t forget professional carpet cleaning during spring cleaning. The winter is responsible for muddy and slushy boots that can lead to carpet stains. The weather should be much drier and more conducive to cleaning during the spring. We recommend hiring a local carpet cleaning service. You can find one here.

Repair Your Roof

Your roof will need attention after months of inclement weather. Replace worn out shingles on your roof and search for leaks. If you find a leak in your roof, you will want to patch it before the heavier rain during the spring season begins.

A spring cleaning checklist is a must-have tool for homeowners to remember all the projects that need to be completed. You can use this list to get started and add additional jobs as you remember them.