Should You Clean Your Mattress?


Most of the homeowners keep on ignoring one essential thing when making a spring cleaning checklist and while cleaning their home to improve air quality; that is your mattress. We spend most of our life sleeping and it means our bedding must be a healthy place to spend time. But when we keep on overlooking them, they start becoming the biggest enemy for our health.

Uncured mattresses soon become home to dust mites, bacteria, and fungal spores leading to harmful health disease for users. Studies reveal that at an average, a mattress may contain 2 million dust mites that is why it is really important to clean your mattress on time as they are the dirtiest things in our house.

Air quality is greatly affected by mattresses:

There is no doubt to say that so many things play role in indoor air pollution. They can be smoke, glue, paint etc but at the same time, many biological contaminants also cause big harm to the living space and they reduce the quality of air in which we breath. The list of pollutants may include pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, pollen, cockroaches and dust mites. When you sleep at night, your body releases too much oil, sweat and it welcomes more harmful organisms to your mattresses. With time they start creating trouble in breathing and person using such contaminated mattresses may suffer from severe allergies.

After observing all these facts and going through expert guidelines it is advised to make efforts to mattresses cleaning time to time. You can use some home-based cleaning methods or can also call professionals to organize complete home cleaning.

Here are few essential tips for mattresses cleaning:

  • The very first step that every homeowner needs to follow for mattress cleaning is vacuuming. It can help to take away all debris, dust and skin cells that keep on accumulating on mattresses in routine. You can prefer to use a clean and well-treated upholstery attachment for avoiding accumulation of new contaminants on mattresses.
  • Mattresses often have a huge amount of dust and sweat that is released from the human When mattresses are not treated time to time, this sweat smell may start developing permanent aroma on your sleeping space. It is important to deodorize your mattresses with natural solutions to get rid of this bad smell.
  • After this comes deep cleaning and stain removal. Generally, mattresses face stains due to various body fluids like blood, vomit, sweat etc. The stain removal process becomes essential to treat them. The deep cleaning process will help to make your mattresses a fresh and healthy surface to have a healthy good night’s sleep. Dust mites and bacteria do not find anything to live upon in clean mattresses so they naturally die out and you can stay safe from their attack.
  • Steam cleaning is the best idea to get rid of tough stains and allergens. You can take help of professionals to protect your health with mattress steam cleaning process.