Benefits of LED Lightbulbs

led lightbulb

Have you ever tried looking out of the plane while landing during the night and a bright orange light used to saturate and block out the entire vision?

Metropolis has changed with LED’s and that city which was stained by hazy lights now glows with a clearest grid ever!

The illumination of LED’s is incredible and that is what this post focuses on!  Here are some of the benefits of LED light bulbs which will make you replace the existing ones right away!

Efficient Enough to Embrace

LED Bulbs are quite efficient when it comes to energy consumption. They consume almost 90% less power than incandescent bulbs which means that shifting to LED bulbs can lower down your electricity bill drastically.

Although the purchase value of LED bulbs is higher than those of incandescent bulbs but the cost is recovered in the form of low bill amount.

The lower consumption of energy has also encouraged usage of LED’s in remote areas where solar panels drive the occurrence of electricity.


Do you still keep inventory of incandescent bulbs because they can fuse almost any time! You no longer need to block your funds by investing in those anymore!

The life span of LED’s is 40 times the life span of incandescent bulbs. If we count in hours, they can constantly work for 60000 hours which means they can run for 7 years continuously before they need to be replaced!

Whoa! Isn’t that amazing! When it will come to replacing it after so many years, you won’t even remember the last time you changed the bulb!

Treat to Your Eyes

Incandescent bulbs can damage your eyes and hence it is not recommended especially for kids to read in that light. They can cause an irreparable harm to the retina of the human eye.

On the other hand, LED lights are safe and effective and doesn’t cause any irritation or harm even after prolonged and continuous reading under this light.

Variety of Uses

LED’s can be used extensively and has variety of applications. They can be used at home, schools, offices, military, and cinema halls, aerospace and for street lamps too!

Both residential and professional population is embracing the usage of LED bulbs and day is not far when all the other lights would be rolled out of the industry.

Also, LED’s are made of non-toxic materials and hence they are environment friendly. This is the reason that the government also encourages application of LED’s.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned above, LED’s have an impressive lifespan and are offered in variety of colours unlike incandescent bulbs. There is absolutely low to no maintenance for the LED’s.

Once you apply it at your home, all you have to worry about is to clean it if you want and nothing else!

Safe to Use

Ouch! Don’t touch the bulb as it might be hot! LED’s are from cool generation and unlike incandescent bulbs they generate virtually no heat.

This means that even if you touch them after they were on for hours, they would be cool to touch. This reduces the risk of burns and fires as LED’s are able to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.