How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

garden flower

Does this sound familiar to you? You really want a beautiful garden for your home. You want to plant fruits and vegetables and beautiful blossoming flower. The problem is there simply is not enough space for a full garden anywhere in your yard or around your home. There is a solution! You can build a raised garden bed.

To build a raised garden bed isn’t hard at all. You can complete this project in a weekend or even in just one day! After the build is complete you can get started on planting and nurturing your seeds. Ready to get started?

First, decide where you want to build the raised garden bed. You will need to find an appropriately sized space for the bed and somewhere near your home that receives a lot of sunlight. Your vegetable plants in particular will require a lot of sunlight to grow their fullest and freshest.

The next step is to build the frame of the garden bed. You can use untreated lumber for this project. The lumber might rot but it is better for the plant life in the garden. You don’t have to use lumber or 2x4s. You can use patio retaining wall blocks or bricks too. The materials are not too important as long as you are happy with the size and layout.

You should build the bed with a height of at least 18 inches to ensure enough room for the roots of the plants to grow deep in the frame. The length is dependent on the amount of space available.

Cut the length of the 2x4s to the size you desire and cut the corner posts too. After all of the boards are the correct size, you should drill the corner posts into the back of the frame boards. We recommend screwing in posts in the middle of the frame walls too for additional support and strength.

Then attach all the pieces together with your drill and screws to form a box. This completes the frame construction.

Now set the frame in your desired location. Outline the frame with a shovel and start to dig out a spot where the frame will rest in the dirt. Loosen the dirt beneath the bed frame to so that it is ready for the plant seed.

We also recommend that you attach mesh along the bottom of the garden bed frame. The mesh will help prevent weeds from growing in the garden and beneath the plants and frame. No one wants a weed in their garden!

You should also staple plastic along the interior walls of the frame if the wood you chose is not rot-resistant. Cedar wood is a natural wood that resists rot but it is a little more expensive.

Now pour nutrient-rich soil and compost into the garden bed. This will help to produce a fruitful garden for your home. Your seeds will strive in this soil and sunlight.

Now it is time to start planting! Plant whatever flowers or vegetables and fruits you prefer and leave the soil loose around them so water can reach the roots. The best time to water plants is in the morning time. Here are more gardening tips!

That’s it! You can now put your green thumb to the test and build additional garden beds to expand your selection of beautiful flowers and plants in your yard.